I have done a few Mind Mapping and found it useful.  I still have a lot to learn on how to do it efficiently.


I have found this web application: Mindomo.  It seems interesting.


From their website:

Why Mindomo and Mind Mapping?

Do your daily tasks involve planning, thinking and creating better solutions for your problems?
Do you have moments when your imagination flies high and your ideas pop up randomly?Mindomo and Mind Mapping provide you the best way to capture your thoughts and refine them later. Why? Because Mindomo has the easiest representation of your mental model and your thought process.

Human thought is characterized by expansion in multiple directions rather than just one. Mindomo is a perfect match to work the way your brain does.

Do you lack inspiration? Can’t find the ideas you need? Invite others to help you out! Add value and fun by brainstorming in real-time with your colleagues.

Synergize your thinking, start today with our brainstorming software.

They list as key features:
  • Plan bigger
  • Embed video and audio
  • Add pictures
  • Collaborate simple and fast
  • Work offline
  • Add multi level numbering
  • Comment and vote on topics
  • Spell check your writings
  • Import your contacts
  • Export your maps

I am curious to try it.  Anybody has used it? Add comments please.