I am a true believer in the efficiency of project management and team collaboration web apps.  I often say that the efficient gain is not incremental but transformational. Clarizen is one of those.  Some key elements of the article below:



  • In the business world, it is often said that execution is everything.
  • Particularly for a company of its size, Apple is exceptionally agile and mind-bogglingly effective at execution.
  • a key characteristic that has been credited for a large portion of its tremendous success, are often traced back to one specific distinction for how things work in Cupertino: Apple holds individuals responsible for each and every action item that exists.
  • Coupled with the fact that Clarizen is a pure SaaS solution, everyone, from C-level executives to employees in the field or on the ground, sees whatever information is appropriate for their function in real-time via web browser or mobile app. No more status meetings, spreadsheets micro-managing, or ambiguity as to who is responsible for what when things go right, or wrong.

Yes, the last point is very important.  With the transformation on processes with web apps, we get rid of all the effort spent in finding status of items and projects.  Instead, we focus on how to deliver and solve problems.


The Directly Responsible Individual in the Age of Social Enterprise

Posted by Ash Alhashim | Published on August 21, 2012

In the business world, it is often said that execution is everything. What most commonly separates successful organizations from those that lag behind or, oftentimes those who fail altogether, are not great ideas, but great delivery. To be sure, a great idea or product can make you and your organization initially successful. However, without solid execution, you will find yourself climbing up a proverbial mudslide of operational and competitive challenges, where eventual failure is all but certain. Without naming names, one does not have to search far in Silicon Valley to find evidence of tech giants getting upstaged by small, no-name competitors who outperform them in just about every measure.

If it is accepted that great execution is critical for business success, the follow-up question becomes, “How do I ensure great execution in my organization?” To find our answer, let us look at a Silicon Valley great that defies the concept of “large organization = ineffective organization”, and not coincidentally, one of the wealthiest and most profitable companies in the world. Apple.

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