Presentations… just like meetings… These are probably two things that often go bad, or very bad, in the workplace.  Too many people use Powerpoint in a robotic mode, fill it with content, and everybody in the audience is bored to death.

And then, there’s those meetings with no purpose, and action, and no decision.

And to make it worse is when you combine both of them.

Everytime you do a presentation, you should identify first the communication objective of your presentation, and be very focussed on achieving it.  The goal of a presentation is never to present (unless you are at school).  What are you trying to communicate?

There is an interesting article on Harvard Business Review called

Create a Presentation Your Audience Will Care About

It is the second post of a series on This is the second post in Nancy Duarte’s blog series on creating and delivering presentations, based on tips from her new book, the HBR Blog Network.

A key message in it:

Wield a sharp hatchet: Once you’ve gathered lots of material, start cutting mercilessly on your audience’s behalf.

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