Delegation is important! You will not success if you don’t learn how to delegate.  And learning how to delegate seems to be one of the most difficult thing to learn.  It is that with every promotion comes new responsibilities and stress, and the “natural” reaction is to become a bit paranoid, overcontrolling, or worse do it all yourself.

Don’t fall in these traps.  There’s no possible real success out there.  Maybe a few small victories, but it would be unsustainable victories anyway…

So we have to delegate.

But delegation must be done the right way, or it won’t work.  And then, we will hear “the employee did not have the skills or the experience to do the job delegated”.  So easy to blame others, even easier to blame downward…

Here is a good article on delegation called: 13 Warning Signs that What You’ve Delegated Won’t Get Done (And How to Fix Them)

My favorite in the list:

6. You view delegation as an event and not a process The biggest challenge I face with my clients in the area of delegation is their perception of it. They see delegation as an event where something they need done is given to someone else to do. But, again, this really isn’t delegation, it’s dumping.  – Bill Zipp

This is often mixed with delegating too big work package at the same time, and never monitoring progress.

I invite you to read the full article.  It is very well written and useful.

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