You want to be successful.  It all starts with mental habits.  So here’s an article called:



The 11 Mental Health Habits of Highly Successful People



My 2 favorites are

  • 6. Asking for help is seen as a strength, not a weakness, in the highly successful mindset.Those who have tasted success realize that success is never only about them. They are thankful for the many people along the way that helped make it happen. When they need help, they ask for it. They are not ashamed to need others.
  • 11. Successful people are Doers, not Stewers.They don’t wait for life to give them what they want or deserve, but work hard for anything they get. They refuse to sit on the sidelines of life, expecting that things should happen for them – Rather, they make things happen! In essence, they accept the cards they are dealt with life and are too busy playing their hand to complain about any lousy cards.
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