I am a person always curious to discover online tools to increase:

  • productivity;
  • project management; and
  • team collaboration.


I am a big believer in them.  These tools are transformational  and let us be far more productive.  I do believe the key in our professional life is excellence and efficiency.  It is not the false glory of working long infinite hours.


Unfortunately, my ideal tool seems to be hard to find.  The fantasy application would have:

  • Excellent interface
  • Simple yet complex enough project management tool
  • team collaboration
  • Good mobile app
  • ability to manage a few or many projects, ideally in portfolio or categories
  • Time management
  • good reports
  • provide good value for both small and large team

Anyway, now to the subject of this post.  Here’s an interesting application: Copper Project Management.  It seems to do many of the above, and have a good user interface.  I should research it further.  But here’s a video on their new version 5, which was just released.