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A website on project management often focuses mostly on knowledge related to project management.  We do the same on Project-Aria, with the addition of leadership and productivity.  But the project manager is also a person, so I added two very important categories:

  • mind and health
  • Career and training

After all, the project manager should also take care of him as a person.  He is also responsible to manage his career, which is one of the most important projects of his life.

Project manager salaries in UK

Today, I’d like to share with you a recent ebook that was written by Simon Buehring.  He is the Founder and Managing Director of Knowledge Train Ltd, a leading PRINCE2 Accredited Training Organisation based in London, UK.

Project  Manager Salaries 2014 – Discover what project managers really earn


To properly manage your career, you need to have a strong foundation with  project management knowledge, certification, experience and leadership skills.  But that we only bring you so far.  You also need to be able to promote yourself.  Sometimes, you may be lucky and be at the right place at the right moment.  However, that is a very unreliable strategy.  You need to actively manage your career.  Again, it is one of the most important projects of your life.

To make informed decisions, you need reliable and quality data.  And this is where this new book is useful.  It complements well the PMI Project Management Salary Survey, and has a special focus on the UK.  It is interesting to read from here in Canada, and should be very useful to the readers working in the UK. I must say that the research behind this report is impressive.

Key summary

Overall, project managers in the United Kingdom can expect to earn an average of £40K to £50K.  The study does show that the pay is dependant on the sector.  After all, a person is rarely only a project manager.  We usually have a technical expertise such as computer, construction, business and accounting, etc.  As such, the rate of pay will vary by sector.

…I am surprised to read that public services is considered a “project crazy sector”.

Here are a few interesting graphs.

Salary information

Pay difference by location


Popular employer salaries for IT project managers


As a last thought

I must admit that looking at salary is only one thing.  It would be interesting to compare salary with the cost of living in various cities.  Sometimes, it can be financially better to earn a smaller salary in a much less expensive city.  As an example, I often heard that it is expensive to live in London, UK…  That may be an idea for a future study, but it would of course require more work and more complex analysis.

 The extra

If you are interested in courses on PRINCE2, please also take a look at the various courses offered by Knowledge Train.

You can also follow them online:

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