Leadership Toolbox for Project Managers

Achieve Better Results in a Dynamic World

Do You Need To Get More Done In Less Time?

How is it that some teams are able to complete superhuman feats while the odds are stacked against them? What drives humans to dig deep, muster the strengths and push their projects to the finish line? One word, Leadership!

It’s the leader that makes things happen, and if you’re a project manager your leadership is a direct reflection of your teams performance.

The Power of Project Management

Project management is the driving force of any firm. As a project manager, you handle complex problems and strategic implementation for your organization. You face fast changes, innovations, and constant uncertainties. That burden of responsibility would weigh heavy on anyones shoulders. The success of a project or business relies on key decisions and the ability to motivate others. The #1 reason most projects fail is because of ineffective leadership. An effective leader however can reduce costs, expedite productivity and keep both their team and their management happy. Learning how to be an effective project manager is not painful, nor is it time consuming and exhausting if done right. My book “Leadership Tool Box for Project Managers” shows you how to increase your leadership skills, get more done with less, and unload those burdens you carry right now as a project manager.

Is This Book Right For You?

If you’re a project manager facing insurmountable odds and feel stressed by keeping your team on track and meeting the demands of your organization then YES! This book is exactly what you need.

The Unique Advantage

Unlike most books which read like a boring novel, “Leadership Toolbox for Project Managers” reads more as a walkthrough, acting as a mentor. In this book you will learn the various dimensions of leadership.

  • The foundation
  • Personal leadership development
  • Team leadership
  • Strategic thinking
  • The challenge and reality of a dynamic world
  • Team management
  • Strategic project management
  • Project reports
  • Decision-making

Become A Better Leader TODAY

Read “Leadership Toolbox for Project Managers” and see the difference right away, equip yourself with the tools to be more, to get more from your team, and save yourself time and money. This book was written exactly for people just like you.

Author’s Commitment To You

Michel A. Dion

Michel A. Dion


Let’s take it one step further. Not only do you get an in-depth holistic view of leadership regarding project management in a single book, but if after you read this book you still have questions you can contact me directly.

“If you still cannot find the answers in the book or on my site, e-mail me directly. I personally read each email and will get you the answer.” – Michel Dion


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