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Here is an interesting website on Agile methodoly.

Why Scrumology will help you do better Agile Development

If you want to learn about Agile software development and Scrum, you’re in the right place. If Agile software development is not working for you and you want to know why, you’re also in the right place.

Agile software development is not simply about doing things cheaper and faster. It’s a whole different paradigm shift on how to deliver high quality products. It involves new ways of working and news ways of behaving. It’s also about understanding how these new approaches and behaviors can drive value. Because it’s only be adding value that these practices become meaningful and beneficial to a business.

We provide face-to-face training with our public courses, and we further that with our frequent blog posts. We help you understand Agile software development, and how to adopt it in your organization. (source)

Scrumology also offer The Scrum Addendum, their  free 12 week email course.  I just signed up.  We shall see…