I think it is very important to have social discussion with your team, and be connected.  This is the same thing that I commented in the article on managing by walking around.

Unfortunately, too many times, we describe successful project management as processes, tools, reports, change management.  At the core, projects are done by people, for people.  We should never forget that.

An Example of Project Management Gone Bad

August 27, 2012

The names have been changed to protect the (not so) innocent. You’ll see why as you start reading this article.

There are a lot of great project managers in the workforce today. They are team players, focused, motivated, clear the path for their resources to get their jobs done, and deliver successful projects time and time again.

And then there’s Steve (not his real name). Steve is an example of project management gone bad!

 The following are some highlights (in this case, dim lights) of his not so illustrious career. Why would we showcase such a train wreck?

If you see any of these traits creeping up in your project management style…take heed! Do everything you can to dispel these immediately and get yourself back on the right track!

Steve Started out as a Good Example of Project Management

 Steve joined the company just like anyone else. He came with good recommendations, a positive series of interviews, and an impressive resume’. The company desperately needed a project manager to add to its ranks since it was growing so quickly. Steve fit the bill and everyone was excited to have him on the team.


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