This is a nice idea.  I have a Podio account and am curious to try this new feature.  I definitely have move out of managing stuff by email in the last years of my life.  I much prefer online project management and team collaboration apps.  It provide a much better framework for

  • successful completion of the task
  • efficient action
  • team collaboration
  • information management

I have tried many apps out there.  I even brought one to my workplace to eliminate the chaos of multitasking and emails.  A distinct characteristic of Podio is the ability to have apps, customize them, and even create them from scratch.  Although I must admit I am still a newbie in Podio!

Email: Make it structured, social and actionable in Podio

 de Podio Blog de Lilly Hanscom

Let’s face it, email isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s still the easiest way to make that initial contact in almost any business relationship and to have short, less structured conversations with people you don’t regularly talk to. However, it’s pretty clear that email sucks for collaboration. Group conversations are a mess, workflows are impossible, as is getting a clear overview of what actually needs to be done, and by whom.

That’s okay. Email wasn’t built to be a collaboration tool. That’s Podio, and that’s why today sees the introduction of a new and improved way of bringing emails into your workflows on Podio –  adding structure and making emails social and actionable. Here’s how it will work for you:

Email to Status Message

Say you get an email from a customer, an agency, or a vendor that you’d like to discuss with your team. You can now forward the email to the relevant Podio Workspace. This will create a status message with the subject, body and any attachments from the email. Your team can then discuss the status with comments, without a cc-email in sight.

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