We all know that there are many new tools available to help us achieve our objectives.  They are meant to make our work more efficient, more production, enhance collaboration, better planning and reporting, etc.  It seems there’s a never ending stream of new cloud services available out there.


Often, we not only have to sell the concept to others, but also justify the cost.  In itself, that is fair and a proper business practice.  However, I note that there is often a biais in favor of what was there when we were young.  The real formula should be





Cost of new tool = total cost of the tool – cost of the previous tool that it will replace.



Now of course that implies that there is an evolution and other processes will be abandon.  If not,new tools then just increase the management burden and would lower our productivity.


Here are 2 examples:

  • -Often in some organization they forget to evergreen basic computer equipments, OS and softwares.  It is strange because long ago when it was costing organizations more to buy papers, pens, folders, and furnitures to archives these documents, nobody was questioning these expenses.  Why?  Well I guess we don’t challenge what was there when we were young….  It is just normal and the cost of doing business.
  • I am trying in my personal life to go paperless, and was cleaning some old paper folders this morning.  Then, I had this thought: if I talk to my wife about a new cloud tool or storage services, her first reaction is How much it cost?  But just a few years ago when we were buying paper folders and cabinet to store them, it was just a normal cost of life!   Again, I guess we don’t challenge what was there when we were young….  It is (or was)  just normal and the cost of doing business.


In the end, the new cloud services are often so cheap compare to the old way of managing key documents.


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