For efficiency, I think it is always important to use the best tools possible to manage a project.

In my mind, using a project management web app is a must.  The benefits are so great that the improvements are not arithmetic, not geometric, but transformational.  Sometimes, I say that it is the equivalent of the difference between crossing the Atlantic on a tall ship and a modern aircraft.

I especially like Workfront.  It brings so much efficiency that it is transformational.

I like Workfront because the interface is clean and easy to use, focus on work and not on the technology.  I also like AtTask because it is sufficient organic and flexible to evolve with the organization.  Today, the environment just keeps changing fast, and the pace of innovation is even faster.  It is impossible to design something rigidly.  So inherent flexibility in an application is essential.  In many modern contexts, the old approach of define, design, create, implement, and maintain can no longer work.  Obsolescence will be so fast that it will be painful.

Here’s an interesting short introduction to Workfront.

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