To follow-up on yesterday’ post on fear and the destructive energy of imaginary fear, here’s an interesting article to positively solve this issue.  It is important to overcome fear and negative imagination if someone wants to reach excellence , and learn to enjoy the discovery journey and be confortable with the unknown.

I too often see people stuck because they are living 50 of the last 1 drama in their life.  The 49 others are just the product of their imagination.

Don’t let your imagination and fear stop you from moving forward and succeeding!



6 More Ways of Effectively Overcoming Fear

How often do you let fear control your life?

Fear can be a powerful enemy, but also a powerful ally.

A few years ago, I wrote an article here on Dumb Little Man called 6 Deceptively Simple Ways to Conquer Fear.

I still use the tips in that article in my own life.

They work, but still, people have trouble living the life they want to live.


They don’t take action.

They don’t use the tools.

They are more comfortable dwelling and complaining than moving on. Through living life, I’ve found 6 more ways of overcoming fear.

There are more, but the rest is for you to find and use.



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