Apple is now such a great icon of creativity, productivity and profitability.  And all of that based on innovation, not useless banking tricks such as financial engineering.  Steve Jobs had a different vision and style.  However the company was so big that he could not manage it all on his own.

“A leader in the Steve Jobs model needs to have a set of lieutenants who can translate his goals and vision into detailed action plans. The success of Apple through the years has largely been due to Steve’s talent for surrounding himself with people who could bear the heat when he wasn’t satisfied, were strong enough to stand up to him when he was wrong, and were able to relay not just his instructions but his commitment, drive, and vision to the crew.”

This book is one that I want to read.  It seems to present a pragmatic view of Steve Jobs, his leadership and the management style at Apple. And definitely from someone who was there.

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