Efficiency is something that I love.  While I always try to reach the highest quality possible, if not go beyond…  It is even more pleasant to be able to get there efficiently.  Any techniques, knowledge, skills that save me time is precious for me.

On that note, it is important to focus the mind on the essential things you want to do, and focus on them.  It is also important to avoid chaos when it is not useful.

A good workflow process is important, and that includes inbox management. This article is interesting as it talks about this subject.

In this article, my favorite tips are in the Pro Tips section.

  • Designate a time to process your inboxes.
  • Buy tools you enjoy using.

I would had to the article that you must work at developing the efficiency habit.  Buying a new tool or setting up a new system is not sufficient.  The habit to use the tool and workflow must be learned and become a natural habit.

See article: “Effective Inbox Management”