On the subject of presentation, PowerPoint presentation is definitely not a novelty anymore!  I would even say that most do them like robots, thinking it is simply “the professional thing” to do.


But is it?  Is it really what your audience is looking for?  Is it really the best communication approach?


This article by Anthony Iannarino has an interesting title:



If You Turn On PowerPoint, I’m Throwing You Out!

source: thesalesblog.com

 The title of this blog post is an exact quote from a prospective client to a group of salespeople, one of whom was ready and willing, PowerPoint at the ready, to dive right into the slide deck. The words were said with a smile, but they were also a threat that the prospective client intended to keep.

“If you turn on PowerPoint, I’m throwing you out.”

While the death of PowerPoint is greatly exaggerated, it’s clear that your prospects, your clients, and your team shouldn’t have to face the Hell that is your plowing through a massive slide deck with no engagement.

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Now of course, there’s good and there’s bad presentations… And your presentation should never replaces you!

You are the communicator.  The tool is only there to support you, and you should be able to proceed without the tool (not cancel the presentation if the IT tool is not working!)