To do productive, it is nice to have a plan. It is also important that the plan clearly guide all team members in knowing what needs to be done.  In that sense, it is possible to design a project plan and still have the team not quite clear on the tasks that needs to be done.

I find that this is very important for professional and intellectual work.  It is very dangerous in a project plan to write: “analyze ….”. Why? Because it is possible to analyze almost to infinite, and it is also something very difficult to assess if the analysis is going in the right direction or not.

It is important to name a task in a way that makes it clear what should be achieved.

PMI posted an interesting article on the subject of naming a task

Boost Productivity by Renaming Tasks

By Dmitri Ivanenko, PMP,  on December 27, 2011 11:15 AM
Here’s some key excerpts:
Do you assign yourself a task that’s actually framed as an expected result?
Language impacts how we work and what we accomplish. This reality is illustrated in project management through the use of the work breakdown structures, for example, where we break down the tasks and label them appropriately to be able to execute them. The work seems easier to accomplish that way.
Have you seen a productivity boost from renaming tasks? 


Yes, I have always seen productivity boost when everyone in a team understands what we need to do and why.