I love modern project management application.  they are far better than the 90s way that was just focused on managing the project.  Now, they integrate project management with Team Collaboration.  Team Collaboration is so powerful for efficiency gain, higher quality and reduction of stress on members of the team.


Podio is a great project management cloud app (that by the way also enable users to have many other type of apps, it is so flexible it is crazy!)


Podio in their latest update brought team collaboration to a new level, with Podio Share

New feature: With Podio Share, you can collaborate on single Projects & Tasks with anyone

04.12.12 by Jon Froda

Work is rarely a private, solo endeavor, but often tools like email confine information to personal silos. If only this information could always be shared with the right people! Podio Workspaces enable you to share with specific groups of people. For example, company departments and project teams. But from today you can do more.

You now have a whole new dimension to sharing, it’s called Podio Share. You can now choose any single item – for example a project – or a task and share it with anyone outside your workspace, even outside Podio! Sharing is good, no doubt. But here’s the thing, we just made it better.

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