I strongly believe in efficiency, far more than the statement “I’m working hard”.  Work smart, that is the best approach.  This is a key component of my learning and professional development quests.


That is why there is a section on IT Tools on Project-Aria.  They are so transformational and enable you to be fast more efficient, if learned corrected and used appropriately.


Time management is important.  Here is an interesting article in Forbes on the subject.  Here are my 2 favorites.


Habit 3: Maintain a lifestyle that will give you maximum energy.Work your way up to doing aerobic exercise at least three times a week, eating a light lunch, and getting enough sleep.

Habit 8: Always look for ways of doing things better and faster. Be on the lookout for tasks you do over and over again, and look for ways of improving how you do them.

I think health and fitness should be part of everyone’s lifestyle.  It doesn’t matter that your profession is more intellectual.  Everything is connected.  Being more in shape and fit will always results in a sharper mind.

And an infinite quest for efficiency is important.  Otherwhise, maybe your competition will soon beat you with more efficiency, more profitable, and less costly solutions.  Think about it.


Twelve Time Management Habits to Master in 2013


Pat Brans, Contributor,  I write about time management and productivity, 1/01/2013 @ 3:42PM