I read too many articles about “risk management” and “change management” that are still too anchored in the assumptions that normal things should be stable and predictable.  What if that assumption is not  true?  What if the status quo is now the biggest danger an organization can be facing?  With status quo, you have no innovation, no new idea, no progress, and you are losing your edge over the competition every single day that passes by.

I suggest it is fundamental to do a paradigm shift on these subject.  The inability to handle changes is a big risk, not the presence of changes.   The inability to handle the unknown, managing in uncertainty, and lead forward is a big risk.  Status quo, perfection, and certainty are all things to avoid like poisons.

Leaders should be embracing uncertainty, and enjoy the opportunity to learn and discover.

Here’s an article called “10 Ways to Embrace Uncertainty” that discusses this subject and is inspiring.

I will quote this for it:

Uncertainty is not your enemy. In fact it is the complete opposite. It is your friend, a great friend – if you allow it to be.
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