So you are new to project management?

So did you choose project management, or it just happened like that?

Now I love project management, but 15 years when a friend of mine started a Master in project management, I wondered why.  It sounded like unclear, just theory.  Now I find project management to be very pragmatic and very useful to accomplish things efficiently.  I even tend to projectize anything, even if that means sometimes applying the concepts to a larger universe than just projects.

So, you are new to project management?

Here’s some good tip from Podio, the nice project management app.

Enjoy, and have a good read!

New to Project Management? Pro-Tips for Success

05.02.13 by Brad Egeland

 Some of us choose to be project managers and some are unwillingly or unwittingly thrust into the role.  However it happens, it happens…we get into this field one way or another.  And at some point, we’re all new to the game.  So if you’re reading this article and you’re a new project manager, then you’ve come to the right place – this article is specifically for you.
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