We often talk about how to manage difficult employees.  But there’s the flip side.  A star employee may be difficult to manage, and sometimes even more difficult to manage.  Actually, even the star employee may sometimes suffer from his own genius.  His mind can understand complex things, and often things that others can’t do or can’t even see.  It may make conversations difficult, even for him.

Also, the star employee would force management to face their own ego.  While management is in position of power and can impose things, it may be best to not let the ego be in the way and maximize the contribution of the star employee.  Never forget that your role as a project manager is to successfully complete the project.  You don’t necessarily have to be the star yourself.  Let others shine!

I would rather have the difficulties that come with star employees than those from a really non-performing team.

Here’s an interesting article published on ProjectManagement.com

The Trials and Tribulations of Managing a Star Performer

by Ajay Widge, PMP

Managing people is one of the key skills required of project managers; yet, people skills are some of the toughest skills to master and can mean the difference between project success and failure.

Getting people with the correct knowledge base and work experience onto a project team is critical for the success of any project, but equally important is the ability to knit them into a cohesive team that performs in the manner required to ensure success in achieving the project goals.

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