I never really understood lies.  Telling others a different story does not change reality.  Things are still the same.  The best way to move in the direction you want is to be brutally honest with yourself.  Honest about the truth out there, because the reality does not need to accept it to exist.  It is also important to be brutally honest about ourselves, our strengths and our weaknesses.  Again, the reality inside ourselves will not disappear even if we ignore it.

It is also very difficult to lie and always tell the same lie.  Then a liar ends up confusing his mind with the numerous lies and their various version.  This is too exhausting, and lack the focus required to move forward, change things, and achieve your success.

Personal development always starts with introspection.
When we lie, we may convince others of our stories, but the most important damage is the fact that we also start to believe our little stories.

A brutal look inside ourselves also let us change bad habits, bad thoughts, bad perception, incorrect knowledge and beliefs.

So yes, I agree with the title of this article on Fast Company , with an interesting quote from the article:

Success Starts Only After A Brutally Honest Look In The Mirror

By Eric C. Sinoway, November 8, 2012

Sure, you’re great at managing others–but how good are you at evaluating yourself? Why “cheating at solitaire” can ruin your career.


it’s far better to be intellectually and emotionally honest with oneself up front, and–as objectively as possible–answer both “Can I do the job well?” and “Can I do it better than my competition?”

So, by all means, set yourself ambitious goals and go for. But do it with eyes wide open–and an honest appraisal of the person in the mirror.