We all know that communication is an essential part of project management.  There’s of course the formal communication, the briefing notes, the performance and objectives that must be communicated.  A manager must also manage communication with sponsors, clients and all other stakeholders.


Unfortunately, communication is too often addressed in the formal way, as if all persons involved are just robots.  A briefing note is important, a status report has its place, but it cannot be 100% of the communications.  It is also important to connect.  People must feel that a person is communicating to them, and listening to them.


I like this one:


The greatest verbal communication tool is listening.



And in the fast pace work environment of projects, with multitasking and technology always on, often our focus is no longer there.  We don’t fully listen and watch someone in the eyes while they are talking.  Let’s focus more on the conversation.  Things will be more simple and more effective.  Multitasking is not always the ultimate frontier of productivity.  Effective communication is a powerful solution, just as ineffective communication can be a destructive force.


And this article gives 6 excellent tips to communication and connect with others.


I invite you to read it, and use the tips in practice, both in your professional and personal life.


6 Mind Blowing Verbal Communication Skills That win Friends and Influence People

Written By  Dawn Abraham

Verbal communication skills will take you anywhere you want to go. If you are like most people, myself included that is the bottom line. People do not just want to get their point across they want to be liked accepted and remembered.

 You don’t believe that? When was the last time you wrote a blog or anything for that matter and didn’t want many people to read it? If you’re being honest with yourself you would happily accept an award for your blog or have it placed in a magazine shall I go on?

I reveal my top secrets I have used successfully in business and not always used in the romantic relationship area to be honest. I have used them in this last relationship and so far this is the best and longest relationship I have ever had. Read them carefully there is more here than meets the scan. 🙂