I like this article, entitled

5 Harsh Truths Every Aspiring Leader Needs to Know.

A leader can become too obsess with the objectives, deliverables, project success, and forget those important truths.

The first one is always key: you can’t do it alone.  You have to delegate.  There are no valid excuses for not delegating.  Yes, it is difficult and we have to train ourselves but delegation is fundamental.

You cannot do it alone. Everything you do happens with, through, and because of people.

These are powerful words that every leader should always remember.

And it is nice to ask your team to do something.  It is also important to ask yourself to do what you have to do

No one can do this work for you: No one else can be the example you need to be. No one else can give the encouragement you need to give. No one else can invest in your people the way you need to invest. No one else can address the change the things you need to change. No one else can envision the future with your team the way you can.



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