In today’s world, the pace of innovation and new knowledge is very fast, and ever-increasing.  It is essential to manage your career in a way that respects that new reality.  It is very dangerous in a world of innovation to just get your normal school or university diploma, get a job, and never learn again.  Not too long ago, it was the normal.  Knowledge was not progressing fast, so experience was a good way to stay ahead of the competition on the job market.

No anymore.  Knowledge become obsolete very fast, and what you have done 15 years ago may now be highly irrelevant.

So it is essential to be always learning.  Of course, there’s on-the-job learning, and self-learning.

But why stop there.  If you have learned, then get the certification.

I am personally working on getting my project management certification.  Yes, I have acquired extensive experience in project management over the past years.  But it is also important to get the formal recognition.  It is important for your resume and your future.  Your current job may not require a certification, but you do not know what the future will bring to you.  So be prepared.

The following article lists certifications that can boost your career.  And I am happy to see project management on the list.

8 certifications that can boost your career

By Larry Buhl, special to CareerBuilder
 In some fields — medicine and teaching, for example — certifications and accreditations are the “entrance ticket” to the profession. In others, certifications may not be mandatory but can significantly improve chances of landing a job, moving up, getting a raise or taking on new responsibilities.

The vast majority of professional certificate programs are for people who are already working in a particular field and are not for people with limited work experience or who are just out of high school.

Here are eight in-demand professional certificate programs. Some are industry-specific, while others can help ignite careers in a variety of fields.

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