Here is a list of 10 productivity app.

I personally like a use a lot these from the list

I love to be connected on the go.  A lot of stuff I can do everywhere, and especially in public transit.

I also like a lot cloud services, like Evernote and Dropbox


Evernote – Evernote


Cloud storage is a fundamental part of how I organized my files.  Why bother with USB Key when you can just have access to your files anywhere.  It also solves many synchronization issues, because as soon as you are going to have 2 versions of a file, you will someday have synchronization issues.

Dropbox – Dropbox

FlightTrack Pro

And when I travel, either professional or business, I like this app:

FlightTrack 5 – Mobiata

March 2017 Update: Mobiata decided  to sunset FlightTrack 5 on March 1, 2017.

See the list of 10 suggested productivity app:

10 Productivity Apps for Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs

Melinda Emerson

August 27, 2012

When you hang your shingle and open for business, you immediately take on at least 10 different roles. Often these roles demand your time all at once. Technology to the rescue! These 10 apps can help make you a lot more productive. Many of them are free, some charge a small fee or offer a paid version, but all are worth the investment.