Despite all attempts to plan correctly and in details a project, a successful project manager will always have to manage the chaotic reality of a project, with its unknown, risks and surprises.

A good project manager should have developed the right habits to manage well the challenges that every project brings to the table.

I say that flexibility and creativity are essential skills for anyone who wants to be a successful project manager.  When an activity is operationalized, it can be adjusted to a high level of predictability, making it much easier to manage.  But a project is still a project, no matter how well you can plan it.

This is a good article on habits for project managers.  My favorite in the list is:

  • 1. Focus on solutions
  • 6. Adapt to what arises

I like to say: “Pragmatic solutions”.

7 Habits of Brilliant Project Managers

Project management is a tough role. You often find yourself being pulled between keeping users, subordinates, team members and senior people happy. Given these demands, what do the best project managers do that makes them stand out from the crowd?

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