Are you easily bored?

Are you someone who likes to do many things?

Are you doing tasks in a simple to-do list order or jumping around?

Do you like complex situations and at times chaotic situations?

Then this article on Careerrealism is for you. Careerealism is an excellent website on career advice and job search.


The article is called 7 Tips to Embrace Your Career ADD.

The key tip in my mind is this: Embrace it to your advantage.  Do not feel bad about it.  It is a different kind of skill, but still valuable skill.  You can do a lot of things that “organized and linear” people cannot do.  Yes, try to get some organization or you will get absorbed by your passion in a world of confusion and non-productivity.  If needed, team up with someone who is well organized so that together you know both skills.  Try to focus on jobs and projects that benefit from this ability.


Embrace your gifts – you tend to think bigger and more outside the box than most – you are ten steps ahead of everyone, so let them catch up and be patient when they don’t get it right away.

7 Tips To Embrace Your Career ADD


Do you have career ADD? A few days ago, I had a great conversation with my old next door neighbor. He is a guy I connect with when it comes to business and brainstorming ideas. He has ADD like me, and has always been happy and excited about his life and about his work. I want to share a few of the tips I learned from Marco that might benefit some of us who tend toward career distractions.

Marco knew early on that he loved sales. He manages tee shirt accounts through a company that caters to “big box” retail stores as well as mom and pops. When the economy took a nose dive, he used his outside-the-box creativity and “I need to keep working or doing something so I don’t get bored” ADD skills to help bring in a good income for his family – although they have had to make some changes. He also owns (and his wife operates) another company in our town that is reasonably profitable.

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