Here are some very powerful thoughts on your career.


I have seen in my life too many persons unhappy with their career, and it seems mostly driven by the way they think and their expectations on life, their careers, fulfillment of their dreams, and the number of challenges they think the should (or should not) face.


As it says in the article:


Professional growth requires discomfort.
Almost every job has a trade off. You’ll probably never get everything you want in one place.
Achieving long-term career goals requires sustained effort and deliberate action. It’s no accident or coincidence.

Yes, you may have easier moments in your career, and some others may have some “aligned stars” and chances on their path.  You do too, just like they also have challenges.  It is how we react to challenges that matter.  It is also important to react to success and chances with humility, and use these opportunities as tools to reach higher, not just to get confortable.

Success always begin at the end of your comfort zone.

End of confort zone


So this is an article that is useful to read often:

20 Inconvenient Career Truths


This post was inspired by Charlie Gilkey’s genius article, “20 Inconvenient Business Truths.” I read it and realized, in career coaching, I share inconvenient truths with my clients on a regular basis. I know it’s sometimes hard to hear these things but, in the end, they make you stronger. Here are 20 inconvenient career truths you should know about and learn from:

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