When you read about project management, you will find sometimes the term Project Sponsor.

What is a Project Sponsor?

First, let’s be clear.  It is not the project manager.  The project manager works with the project manager, and support the project by providing assistance on project funding, clarifying the scope, and monitoring progress.  And at times, the Project Sponsor can even be a good ally in influencing the various stakeholders of the project.

In short, a sponsor :

  • provides resources to the project
  • Support the project
  • May be the person managing a program or a portfolio of projects
  • Is responsible for the project success

For a Project Manager, the Sponsor is a key person to involve in the development of the project charter, the initial scope, and resources required.  A Sponsor is also an important person for stakeholders management, important issue management, and decisions on high risk items.

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