TeamBox is a great project management and team collaboration web application.

It is good for small and large teams.  The price structure is good.  It is based on the number of users, with unlimited projects including in all Pro plans.  There’s also a free plan, allowing you to see the app for 5 project and 5 users only.  Visit this page for the pricing plans.

TeamBox has many features.  the pricing page above list the features, and a good simple FAQ.  Among others, here are some of its key features that make it interesting:

  • It is a cloud application (SaaS), with a on-premise option.
  • Good task management
  • good interface
  • a nice dashboard
  • nice collaborative note taking
  • Group chat
  • Gantt chart
  • connects to or Dropbox


I am a big fan of online project management and team collaboration applications.  I think that the most value-added part of an online project management app is the team collaboration features.  The idea of being able to share discussions, in the context of a task or an issue, is very powerful.  And it is much better than those (sometimes infinite) email discussions.  If you is lucky, emails may answer the question for the one who asked, but always require extra effort to communicate again the info to the team, and document the project file.

To get the benefit of team collaboration, it is very important to have a clean, nice looking, and easy to use interface.  TeamBox does provide a nice a pleasant interface.

My only wish is that we could group projects in portfolios or categories.  If you have a lot of projects, it would make it easier to manage the list!  Otherwise, great app, with iPhone app, good interface, good connection to other services like cloud storage.  I also wish they would have recurring tasks (also called repeating tasks by some).  It seems that they are working on it (see this link).

So if you are looking for a nice looking app to better manage your project, and better collaborate with your team, your files, and other application, take a look at TeamBox.