My kids  enjoy a lot the game Minecraft.  Not sure why they like the minimalist graphics of this game.


When I was young, I went through Pac Mac, Asteroids and all of those early games.  Today, they can have HD games on the PS3 on the computer.  Yet, they like a lot Minecraft.



So what does this have to do with project management?  Well, the folks at AtTask thought that there’s at least 5 things we can learn from Minecraft about work management


Take a look.  It is interesting.


I especially like the end:


Monsters = deadlines. You know they’re coming. The important thing is to be done when they get there. The key to meeting the deadline is using the right tools, trying proven methods, and enlisting the right people to solve the issues and keep the work on track … and then repeating that every day.


5 Things Minecraft Taught My Teenager About Life (and Me About Work Management)

Recently, the middle school that daily educates my 13 year-old boy forced all the 7th graders to participate in a “Go Learn What Your Parents Do at Work Day.” I don’t remember exactly what they really called it but basically we weren’t allowed to send them to school. That meant Name Withheld would have to go with one of us to work or stay home and play videogames for 8 hours by himself–which wasn’t an option. My wife’s work isn’t conducive to visitors (much to his dismay), so I volunteered and got permission for him to come in with me and enjoy the vistas of the AtTask Content Marketing Director.

He shadowed me in strategy meetings, got to get a few snacks in the breakroom, and I introduced him to most of the marketing department. Since much of my job entails planning, assigning and editing the content we produce, I thought it would be a good exercise for him to think of something he loves doing and write about how it could apply to his life. He came up with five things that his favorite game, Minecraft, has taught him. I could tell he put some thought into it.

What I didn’t expect is that I’d get something out of it.

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