The project plan is an essential part of project management.  It is usually a good investment of time to design a good plan for your projects.  Although there is such a time as too much planning (yes, there is, and very few will actually say that, but there is), usually the error is more on the other side.  The plan is not detailed enough, and things are managed too much on the fly, as the project progresses.


A good plan will help the project manager deliver the objectives of the project, in an efficient manner.  Although sometimes you can still deliver on a project without a detailed plan, it is really rare that this approach would actually be efficient and cost-effective.  It is better to slow down and take the time to plan.


It is also important to document the plan, and its various components.  By that, I do not mean that a perfect system to manage everything and impossible to manage should be created.  Documentation should be useful, efficient, and help you manage the project.


So how do we create a project plan?  On that subject, here’s a comprehensive article on how to create a project plan, published by Project Times.


10 Steps to Creating a Project Plan

Written by  Elizabeth and Richard Larson

Thursday, 17 May 2012 07:00

One of the critical factors for project success is having a well-developed project plan. This article provides a 10-step approach to creating the project plan, not only showing how it provides a roadmap for project managers to follow, but also exploring why it is the project manager’s premier communications and control tool throughout the project.

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