I just completed watching all videos included in this course, called 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Video Course.


The course has been prepared by Michael Sliwinski, the head behind the productivity app Nozbe.


It is very good and well designed.  I strongly recommend that you take the time to watch all 10 videos of the course.  If you have limited time (don’t we all do), then just watch one video per day for 10 days.  They are about 5-6 minutes each.  Even if you have a good productivity system, it is good to step back and refresh our mind of key productivity concepts.


Yes, the author is selling his own software, Nozbe,  but the course is well designed and based on concepts, not solely on Nozbe.  Of course, it does say that you can use Nozbe as your productivity system, but also mentionned that you can choose another app.  The most important thing is that you actually implement and use a system.  And I do agree that using a system that is cloud-based and includes team collaboration is very powerful.


You can also take a look at Michael Sliwinski blog, his Facebook page, twitter account,  nozbe Facebook page, and Nozbe on Twitter.