Yes, it is true.  I have not written much since mid-July.  My apologies for that.  That is the result of going away on vacation.  But I am still there and dedicated to Project-Aria.  I guess I could (or should) have written a note about that.


Anyway, I am back, and very rested, happy, and energized for a new productive year.


I do think that taking vacation in an important part of your professional success.  It is not only good for the body to take a break and rest from the high-speed pace of your professional life.  It is also good for the mind to relax and take a break.  To achieve that objective, have a successful break, it is important to disconnect digitally from work, turn off technology, turn off connection to work email, and just relax.  It is also good to be able to get fully out of your routine.  For me, that means travel vacation, and ideally in another country.  I then, I don’t buy a data plan.  It creates a natural barrier.  I then just relax and enjoy life.


It is also a good time to step back, and reflect on your career, and make any strategic decisions needed.  Sometimes, we just become too happy where we are, and that is not good.  We should always try to growth our skills.  Continuous learning is a fundamental requirement for a successful and sustainable career.



The secret to success in any venture is to never stop learning. Whether a person has earned an advanced degree or is just beginning a new career, it’s always a good idea to continuously learn new skills.

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Sometimes, we also get stuck.  We know our dreams, but somethings are holding us back.  Fear? The golden handcuffs of certainty?  Whatever it is.  After disconnecting from the fast pace of the work life, and resting, we are often in a good position to think more clearly and then move forward in the right direction.


Business do retreat to get away from the busy operations and reflect on the strategic direction.  You are a business of one, always.  So if it is good for the businesses, it can be good for your business of one too.


What are your vacation plan?  How do you take care of yourself?  It is important to ensure a sustainable and successful career.


Enjoy, relax and take a well deserved break!