As a follow-up to my article Back from vacation, here’s a good article on the importance of having real vacation.  It is focussed on business owners, but I think the key messages applies to professional, consultants, and project managers.  For business owners, switching off from the business and taking a break can feel like a challenge.  I think we can say the same for all others working in professional services, including project managers.

I do believe it is important to develop business processes that are sustainable.  It is very easy to forget sustainability in professional services, and make it all ” us “.  But if you cannot take a vacation, or even a sick leave, then your business is not sustainable.  This must be a constant objective for all project, and it starts at the very beginning of a project.  Develop project plans that allow for vacation, and sick days.  Don’t set yourself up for failure right from the planning stage.

Also, vacation are important to rest the mind and the body.  Don’t take a half-vacation.  Turn off the technology.  Disconnect.  I like the message in the article.  The author recommend to:

  • Have a technology detox
  • Give yourself a chance to unwind
  • Fill your mind with new experiences
  • Capture ideas when they arise
  • And most importantly…have fun!

This is like sleep, and health.  For fitness, you have to take care of yourself.

How to switch off from your business and have a real holiday

It’s that time of year again.

Weddings are in full swing, suitcases are being rammed till they’re at bursting point, and the smell of barbeques, sun cream and freshly cut grass wafts through the air. Summer has well and truly arrived, which means the holiday season is upon us.

When you are an employee for an organisation, holidays are exciting times. Safe in the knowledge that everything will just trundle along like it always has, you get to pack up, grab your passport and jet off to wherever your dreams and bank balance will take you. A couple of weeks to forget about the 9-5 grind…absolute bliss.

But when you run a business? Well, holidays…they’re a little trickier.

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