This is a slightly different kind of article.


As project manager, we know that we have to deal with many stakeholders, many with different priorities and views on the project.  We also know that we need to have a good communication plan, tailored to the needs of all stakeholders.  We have to manage a team, all different persons, who may be working only part-time on the project.  Team members, stakesholders, clients, sponsor, even us project manager, we each have our personality.  On this subject, you can look at this article on project manager personalities.


Personality impacts communication, and how we perceive things and events in life.


We have discussed the importance as a leader of knowing your personality and being sensitive to the personality of others, in an article called: Know Yourself.


Now, a friend of mine gave me this documentary from the BBC on recent scientific research relating to personality, happiness, and our tendency to look positively or negatively at events.


Since as project manager we are managing activities that are temporary and more unique than operations, we have to live with many unknown and issues.  How do you perceive these events? positively or negatively?  Can we train our brain to perceive more positively?  Can we really be a successful project manager if we have a more negative lens on the events of the project?


All interesting questions, I find.  As I said often, we are only one person.


I am not an expert but I definitely find this video interesting.  So I am sharing with you.  It is one hour-long, but it is worth it.