I must say that I never really discovered podcast.  I never integrated them in my schedule.  I tried a few but never really subscribe to and routinely listen to all podcasts of a specific publisher.  Yes, I have been using the internet since 1989, and yes I am an early (very early) adopter of new technology.  But podcast? … Not yet!

But lately, I have tried again a few podcasts.  Subscribe to a few and tried to use public transit time to listen to them.

So, yesterday, I had to go to Mont-Tremblant for a meeting at the Marriott Mont-Tremblant. A really nice hotel that you should consider if you visit this mountain resort.

Agrandir le plan

Anyway, back to podcast!

I love music, so I would usually listen to music while driving alone.  This time, I decided to give podcast a try!  instead of listening one more time to music albums that I already listened to so many times (isn’t music great, we can repeat and still enjoy!), I completed my listening of the podcast from PM for the masses. a website managed by Cesar Abeid.  I also invite you to join the community on Google+, PM for the Masses.

So you didn’t know Cesar, but you traveled with me to Mont-Tremblant yesterday!

It was nice, and PM for the Masses podcast is a very interesting  new podcast, with only 6 episodes published.  I say only 6, but I in reality I admire a lot whoever published a podcast.  It is much more work than publishing text on a website.  I am now looking forward to the next epidose.  A friend of mine is at number 200!  I don’t know how he finds the time for that!  You can take a look, the podcast is about Sea Shanties, and the site is called Bordel de Mer.

I also got a pleasant surprise while listening.  Cesar even made a shootout on one of the them, mentioning Project-Aria.  Unfortunately, he gave the wrong URL.  It is with .ca, not .com at the end.  Anyway, I do appreciate the mention.  Thank you Cesar.

Cesar has interviewed some very interesting persons for his first few.  I think a key themes is to boldly dare to go out of your comfort zone, and try.

So I will end with this inspirational video from Brian Tracy.