I have been discovering lately podcasts.  It is an interesting format, and let me maximize my time by listening to something when I am in transit, running, training, or other activities like that.


My first podcast on project management was the PM for the Masses.



Following a recommendation from Cesar, the author of the podcast PM for the Masses, I discovered the podcast Guerilla Project Management, produced by Samad Aidane.  I enjoyed it a lot.  So much that I actually downloaded all the previous episodes and listened to them all.  They are rich in contents, and of high quality.  It is interesting to note that I didn’t feel that the older episodes were obsolete, or suffering from the passage of time.  I guess this is a very good indication of the quality of this podcast.


Guerilla Project Management


The mission of the Guerilla Project Management is:


to bring together thought-leaders from Project Management, Organizational Change Management, Psychology, Social Science, and Neuroscience to share their insights and inform how we can  effectively manage today’s complex projects.


Sadam is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).  He also holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Neuroscience of Leadership.  You can read more about him here.


As Project-Aria covers mainly

  • Project management
  • Leadership
  • Productivity

I feel that the content that Guerilla Project Management brings to us in the podcast is very relevant and interesting.  I want to read and learn more about neurology, neuroplasticity, the latest research on neurology and how they relate to project management.


I invite all to take a lot, subscribe and enjoy Guerilla Project Management.


On that note, a new episode of Guerilla Project Management has just been released.  So I will leave you all at that, and go listen to it.


ps: … I only wish Samad would develop a logo for it! It would look better in the podcast app on my iPhone! 😉  ok, ok, I am being a bit difficult here!