I believe a lot in the power of project management and team collaboration web apps.


I strongly believe that if you successfully implement such tool, you will get an edge over your competition, reduce cost, and increase the quality of the projects.


It is so different that it is transformational.  It is like a paradigm shift.  And those who are not used to these may prefer to stay with the tools that were good for them 10 years ago (if not more).  But things change, if you do not change, you may become obsolete faster than you think.  It is a brutal thought, but it is the current reality.  The pace of change in knowledge, technology, and business environment is so fast that a successful solution 10 years ago can be an obsolete solution today.  Status quo is a very dangerous strategy.


Right Track


So how do you successfully implement a team collaboration tool… Some call them social collaboration tool… I prefer the label “Team Collaboration“.  The goal is to enhance team collaboration, not to be social.  So I say Team Collaboration is a better label. Anyway, let’s continue…


So how to successfully implement such team collaboration tool?  Well, here’s a good article on 4 key mistakes to avoid.  I agree with the last one.  I also think that too often in such a transition, managers abandon the initiative too quickly.  It is also important to lead from the top.  If management does not want to use the tool, it will be difficult to have a successful implementation.


Top four social collaboration software fails

Social collaboration software can benefit workers immensely, but it can also be hard for companies to get right.

Studies show that many companies’ social collaboration initiatives are going unnoticed by users. Today’s worker has a plethora of ways to interact with their colleagues, including Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging services, texting and even good old email. Many employees like working together because it helps them get more work done, so why aren’t they using the enterprise collaboration tools that are at their disposal?

To understand why your company’s workers aren’t buying the collaboration tools you’re selling, look at what you might be doing wrong.

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