This is an excellent project management video. The video is presenting an important problem that happens unfortunately too often.

Key mistakes that can destroy a project

Bad leadership from executive

Leadership, if badly used, can be the biggest source of problems and risks on a project.  A leader should be humble.  He should know that his leadership and his position does not make him the perfect person who knows everything.

Leadership is the ability to lead successfully a team.  Executives should listen and respect all members on a project team.  Everyone has their own expertise.  A successful project requires the skills of all, not just the prestige and strategic thinking of the executive.

Project manager wanting to please too much

The project manager is of course hired to successfully manage the project.  Of course, he receives his instructions from the project sponsor, and he should listen to the needs and requirements of the client.  Does that mean that he should accept everything that either the sponsor or the client says to him?  No!  The project manager is also a professional, and he should have the courage to advice.  Sometimes, the project manager has to say no.  Hopefully, when this happens, he can also explain why and propose a better solution.

But wanting to please too much is dangerous.  Being a project manager requires courage.

Client is always right

We often hear that the client is always right.  Or is it so?  Of course, listening to the client is important.  But listening is not enough.  It is important for the project manager to be part of the discussion.

It requires a good professional judgment, but a good project manager will

  • identify the real needs of a client
  • analyze options
  • propose solutions
  • build the appropriate team
  • consult those with the correct expertise
  • and have the courage to advice.


The client has a need.  However, success for most projects will require more than the initial opinions of the client.  A dialogue will be necessary.

Some project may be just pure implementation, and the client provides the full blueprint for the project.  However,  those projects are rare.  In almost any project, having the courage to advice will be required.


I hope you liked the video.  If it reminded you of some past experience, like it did for me.  Share any thoughts!