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We like to read and learn on project management.  But what does it take to be hired as a project manager?  That is an interesting question.  You can find opinions from various authors.  However, there is another way to identify these requirements: looking at job offers for project managers.

By looking at job offers for project managers, you can align your professional development to the type of diplomas, certifications and skills that will enhance your resume.  This can only make your resume more interesting, and increase your career opportunities.

And in times when the job market is even more competitive, assets are a good thing to have on your side.




Research on Project management Job Listings

In April 2014, Software Advice™, Inc., a company that researches and reviews project management software, published on their blog an analysis of requirements in 300 job listings for project managers.  It includes interesting information about trends on the job market for project managers.  It starts with a positive outlook for the profession, quoting a recent report from the Project Management Institute:

A recent PMI report estimated that 6.2 million new project management

jobs will be created in the US from 2010 to 2020.


Reference: PMI Industry Growth Forecast: Project Management between 2010 – 2020

To better understand the requirements of these jobs, the project management researcher of Software Advice™, Inc.  analyzed 300 current job openings for project managers to find the trends in the requirements for these positions.

Key findings include:

  • 50% of all project manager job listings require a college degree;
  • 60% of IT project managers jobs will accept relevant experience in lieu of a college degree, and;
  • PMP Certification is the most desired certification.
  • advanced degrees—either a master’s degree (MA) or Master’s of Business Administration (MBA)—were seldom listed as a necessary qualification for PM jobs.


I invite you to look at this research.  The post is called:

Analysis of 300 Job Listings Reveals What Employers Are Looking For in a Project Manager



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