2 years of Project-Aria

I am about to go on my annual vacation.  I love to travel, so this is always a nice part of the year.  I usually travel in the summer, as it is easier to coordinate with the schedule of the kids.  Anyway, if I don’t do that, it just means more summer camps.

And I love summer.  There are no days that can be too hot for me.


As I am about to leave, I am looking back at Project-Aria, this website on project management, leadership and productivity.  I got a bit too busy in the last months, and it delayed some projects for the website.  Yet, it is still very alive and important for me.  Most of the unusual activities that kept me busy are completed by now.  I will be able to work more on some activities for Project-Aria, including writing an ebook.

Project-Aria started on July 10, 2012, with a first post on AtTask, a powerful online project management application designed for the larger teams.

Many things happened since, including me completing my PMP.  I would like to explore doing other certifications from PMI.  But we will see.  The ebook should be my priority.

Top 9 Posts

Looking back at the previous posts, here are the top 10 posts of all times

1. Scrumwise

While I still think that Scrumwise is an interesting online app, I am always surprised to see this post as the number 1 visited post.  Mostly because it was an early post and my writing style for the website was still at the beginner’s level.

Read: Scrumwise

Published May 28, 2013

2. Project Information Management

I like this post.  This is a subject that I always try to put a good focus on when managing projects.  It is important for efficiency and team collaboration.

Read: Project Information Management

Published February 7, 2014

 3. Dashboard

I like the concept of Dashboard, and should write more on this subject.  Again, I am a bit surprised by the ranking of this page.  It is another one of my early post and again my writing style for this one is very preliminary.  I have not edited the content of the past.  You can see my journey developing Project-Aria.

Read: Dashboard

Published September 23, 2012

4. Sleep is a key success factor

I do believe strongly in the importance of taking care of our health, and that includes sleep.  By reducing sleep hours, you may feel more busy, think you are more productive.  It is an illusion.  You are more likely to just be busy and tired.  If you are result-oriented, you need to rest and sleep.

Read: Sleep is a key success factor

Published Nov 19, 2013

5. Project-based organization

I like this post.  Too often, project management manuals are written considering only the classic manufacturing organization.  How about project-based organizations?  They are far more common than the manuals would let you think

Read: Projects and operations in project-based organization

Published February 19, 2014

6. PMP study plan – The final blitz and the exam

Obtaining my PMP was one of my key accomplishment during the last two years.  I documented my study plan in 3 posts and am happy to see that they were read often.  Hopefully, they helped others prepare and pass the exam.

Read: PMP study plan – The final blitz and the exam

Published February 3, 2014

7. Defining project success

There are a lot of statistics and discussions on project success rate.  I like this post on project success, which provide a broader view on the subject

Read: Defining project success

Published February 14, 2014

8. On project success

Another post on project success.

Read: On project success

Published November 11, 2013

9. PMBOK 5th Edition

This is the first post on my active project to obtain my PMP certification.  This was in August 2013.  And I passed the PMP exam in February 2014.

Read: PMBOK 5th edition

Published August 12, 2013

Thank you!

Thank you all for visiting Project-Aria.  This post is number 227.  We will have great content coming.  I am reaching out to have more posts from other contributors.  And there’s that ebook that I have to finish.

Thank you again! I hope you will like even more the next part of the journey.