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Software Advice publishes periodically interesting study on project management and the job market for project manager.  I published a link to one of their reports in a recent post: Requirements for project manager.


Software advice recently published a new study on the emerging role of digital project manager, a new category in the project management field. What is a digital project manager?



Definition has the following definition:


Digital project managers lead the creative concept and technical development of new media advertising products, such as electronic commerce (eCommerce) and promotional websites, e-mail newsletter marketing, rich media, banner advertisements, mobility platforms like phone apps, motion graphics, widgets and social media applications. Digital project managers develop innovative concepts and online marketing strategies and coordinate the internal design, development and production efforts to help businesses achieve their digital marketing and consumer outreach goals.



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A study of job listings


Because it is a new field, the job requirements are not often based on years of experience.  The field of social media, website development, mobile and technology is evolving fast.  It is more important for organizations to understand how consumers’ behavior is evolving, and being able to evolve with them.  After all, it is not the job of the organization to tell their clients where they should obtain information in the digital world.  An organization better be where their clients are.


In such an environment, being curious and enjoying constantly learning new things and exploring new ideas is a key job requirement.  The role of digital project manager requires a quest for knowledge and a focus on results. Digital project management is on the edge of communication, client management, business marketing and technology.  As if this is not an interesting combination, you also need an obsession for learning and discoveries.


For us as project managers, the study notes that only about 20% of the job listings stated a preference for candidates with a project management certification. Of course, this omission does not mean that being a good project manager will not help someone succeed in the role of digital project manager.  This is a new field of work, and can be learned.


In all cases, I would even say that we all need to raise our awareness of the digital world.  It will not go away, so we better learn how to be part of it.


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Job Listings Analysis: Digital Project Manager – IndustryView | 2014