Women in the business world


Here is a good presentation on Slideshare.  It provides career advice from women.


I think it is great to have as much diversity as possible in the workplace.  We need multiple point of view.  If you want a weak organization, make sure you only hire people that fits a very specific mould.  It will create the ultimate groupthink and lack of innovation.


It is nice to say society embracing more and more diversity and to see women in top business positions.  We probably still need more, and more women on board.  But it is definitely better than a few decades ago.


In the world of project management, I would like to see more woman doing website, books, podcasts and other things like that.  I did mention to Cesar, the host of the PM for the Masses podcast, that too often guests on project management podcast episodes are… white English speaking male.  There must be some woman out there interesting to interview! Invite them! That is my challenge to podcasters.  At least, I am proud to say that Cesar is doing a fine job on diversity.


Top women to follow in project management


On this note, here is a list of 4 top women to follow in projet management.


Suzanne Madsen


Elizabeth Harrin


Adriana Girdler


Johanna Rothman



The presentation

I would nice to dedicate this post to my wife, who is always my inspiration.


Career Advice from Powerful Women

[slideshare id=40700060&doc=fortunempw2014-141024181514-conversion-gate01]