Leadership in project management


Leadership in project management is essential.  As the profession becomes more and more important in organization, and not just used for minor activities here and there, it has to play a more strategic role.


Leadership in project management becomes even more important as you are assigned more complex projects, more strategic projects, visible to senior management in the organization.


It is not sufficient for project managers to be taskmasters, even if they are great at that.  That is the tactical side of the profession.  While important to deliver successfully the project, the project manager needs to be a strategic leader.


The basics of leadership


We can find numerous discussions on leadership skills in project management.  Unfortunately, they are too often focused and limited to motivating and influencing others.  The basics of leadership start with self-awareness and personal development as a person, as a human being.  This part one of leadership is often missed: the inward introspection and growth.


As a leader, you will obtain more results in your own life, and from your team members, if you develop a good sense of happiness, positive thinking, growth and opportunities.


The idea that business is business and all of this soft emotional stuff doesn’t matter is naive at best.


20 Habits of Happy People


As I am writing my book on Leadership in Project Management, to be release in early 2015 (January or early February 2015), I would like to share with you the following presentation from Slideshare.
[slideshare id=40679920&doc=20habits-happy-people-141024073957-conversion-gate02]


You can also find it on slideshare.


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