Discovering uDemy

In 2014, I discovered uDemy.  I mean, I was aware of the platform, but never took a course on it before 2014.  As I started to write my book at the beginning of October 2014, a book on leadership in project management to be published in early 2015, I was searching for information.  I knew I had to learn many details on how to publish a book on Kindle.  It was my first ebook.  Writing was not my biggest unknown.  I have written many long business reports in my career.  I also have seen the process used by my father who published 9 books with traditional publishers.

However, I have never done the self-publishing options.

When I started to develop Project-Aria in July 2012, I was my first attempt to develop one.  It took me a while to master WordPress… or maybe I should be more prudent and just say “to learn WordPress.  I should have learned by following a course or reading a book.  Lessons learned, as we say in project management.  It was time in 2014 to do better with my book.

So I needed help.  Yes, you can just pay for services that will format the book for you. It is nice, but it comes with a cost and limited learning because it is all outsourced.

Here comes uDemy.

Publishing on Kindle

I bought and completed the following two courses on publishing an ebook on Kindle.  They are comprehensive and excellent.  They both cover the whole process:

  • Writing
  • Formatting
  • The Kindle Platform
  • KDP Select
  • Promotion
  • and include some extra.

Overall, each includes many hours of videos on these topics.  With the uDemy app, it is very easy to complete the bus anyway, on the go or in public transit.
Udemy Online Courses and Tutorials – Udemy

I recommend them without hesitation.  To accelerate learning, I often like to have at least two sources of information.  It is then possible to see where the information is the same.  Often they will have a different perspective on a few topics.  Learning from two sources then makes the process more comprehensive.  It accelerates my learning process.

 Cathy Presland – Publish your book on Kindle

Tom Corson-Knowles – How To Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle

Best of 2014

Udemy is currently running a sale promotion called “Best of 2014”.  It gives us a good choice of popular courses in 2014 at a very low price.  I think I will buy one and do it during my Christmas vacation.

Take a look at the promotion.  Maybe there is something for you.  I hope you will find in the list an opportunity to learn at a very low price. The promotion ends on December 25.

If you are curious about my book on learning in project management, join our mailing list.  You will have a chance to be alerted of its publication date and the promotion dates that I will have on KDP Select.

Note: Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.  See disclosure page.