Team collaboration with Basecamp

Are you a Basecamp user?  If so, you may enjoy this post from Café Quill, a website to chat about work, life, and everything in between. I have used on a few projects Basecamp. Their service is well-designed to support team collaboration.


What is Basecamp? Here is a short description, from their website:

Basecamp makes it easy for people in different roles with different responsibilities to communicate and work together. It’s a place to share files, have discussions, collaborate on documents, assign tasks, and check due dates.


Shortcuts and hot keys

The article is well done. It has a list of shortcuts and hot keys that you can use with Basecamp.  A good user interface is essential in 2014.  I personally dislike all applications that are stuck in the 90s with a bad and cryptic user interface.  We are in 2014.  Developers should do better when developing an application.  The website of basecamp is well designed.  But sometimes, it is nice to increase efficiency with a few shortcuts.


They also have a good iOS app that can you find here:
Basecamp for iPhone – Official App – Basecamp, LLC


You can find the article here: